Our company was founded in 1995, focused on lawn care, Irrigation and landscape installation in the commercial sector. We have managed to remain in the market due to our philosophy of superior customer service and quality control. Like our founder and CEO Luis Lopez believes, 


“Customer service is everything, and that is why every project is directed and supervised from inception to delivery, minimizing risks and increasing the level of satisfaction of our clients” 


This philosophy that we transmit from management all the way to more than 100 collaborators including architects, engineers, administrative and operational staff.

All has made Infinity Landscape Contractor, position itself in the Texas market as a trusted company, which provides confidence to its clients and suppliers.

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CEO / COO - from left to right, Luis López /Luis Alberto López.

Human Resources

Across our three services, we boast specialized operators and engineers, supported by a dedicated administrative department that oversees operations in costs and logistics.

Industrial resource 

Infinity Landscape Contractor is equipped with a fleet of vehicles tailored for our services:
•Pickups personnel and light machinery transport.
•Trucks adapted for medium machinery and workers’ transport.
•Equipment with accessories for heavy-duty removal and complex planting.
•Trailers adapted for transporting machinery and plants.
Our comprehensive human resources and operational force guarantee excellence and timely delivery.
When you engage Infinity Landscape Contractor, you benefit from the dedication of over 100 passionate individuals working on your project.
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Shell Buildng

This quality-focused project stemmed from our longstanding partnership with Ashton Gray, where consistent excellence is the norm.

Grand Prairie TX

At the brand-new Racetrac location in Grand Prairie, Texas, Infinity Landscape Contractor took charge of the landscape and irrigation scope.


Infinity’s enduring partnership with Dynaenergetics, a leading manufacturer of fracking explosives, is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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